we support you to gain strength in wellbeing.

combining western & eastern therapy to help you with:

  • general aches and pains relating to age
  • complaints during pregnancy, recovery after giving birth, 3-month colic, breast feeding problems, cranial asymmetry, torticollis or wryeneck, bed wetting, restless sleeps of mother and baby
  • developmental disorders, continuously repetitive colds, ADD and ADHD syndromes, learning disabilities, growing pains, dysplasia of the maxilla and teeth
  • head and neck pains in adulthood, back and joint pains in general, accident traumas (especially fall and whiplash injuries)
  • supporting  healing after surgery
  • heavy or restless legs, painful hands or extremities 'falling asleep' or having 'pins and needles' sensations
  • allergies, chronic illnesses
  • chronic pain in general
  • early indications of organ malfunction with digestive complaints, stomach aches, constipation and frequent diarrhoea
  • night sweats, insomnia
  • pre menstrual, post menstrual and menopause issues
  • pelvic problems relating to the bladder/uterus, specifically irritable bladder and period pains
  • weight and dietary issues