Naturopathy provides an individualised whole body approach to health care.


Drawing on the understanding of your personal health history, scientific research and understanding of the biochemical pathways, historical knowledge and medical reports.


Fleur Blainey Deen, BHSc Nat holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. She will provide prescriptions in herbal, nutritional and energetic remedies as well as dietary and lifestyle changes.


Fleur grew up in the Kalang Valley and has a special affinity with Gumbaynggirr country. Coming home to work and live in this beautiful place is like a dream come true. 


In her practice, Fleur will consider your full medical story and assess any medical reports you may have. Her 'whole body' approach to health and wellness may also include referrals to practitioners for specific care that is not included in her specialities. Fleur believes that a slow and gentle approach to changes in health is of greater benefit to long term wellness. 

Initial consultations are the time for you to tell your story. I will ask questions to gain an understanding of your health story so far. 


Return consultations are on opportunity for us to discuss how you are progressing and check to see that your health story is taking the path you want it to take.


Acute consults are for the times when you really just need a quick helping hand to get your health story back on track (eg. cold and flu season or an acute anxiety)



  • Initial Consult    $120.00
  • Return Consult        $ 70.00
  • Acute Consult          $ 50.00

Herbal and nutritional prescriptions additional


Providing an insight into your health through the structure, colour and signs of the Iris.

  • Consult 30 min.  $40.00 

(extra for Iris image)

flower essense therapy

Harnessing the energetic healing power of Australian native flowers. flower essence therapy is very effective in anxiety disorders.

  • Consult 30 min.       $ 40.00* (incl. 15ml personalised essence)