chinese herbal medicine

In Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine all aspects of a person's health and wellbeing are taken into account when treating patients. This practice looks, not just at the symptoms present, but also the source of the health issue, according to traditional Chinese philosophies and principle.


Alasdair Reed DipCHM (Sydney) Cert TCM (Hangzhou China) has been practising, in Bellingen for eight of the 24 years he has been treating patients.  


Alasdair's passion is the treatment of physical conditions brought about by stress, trauma or overwork. These conditions might include insomnia, digestive problems, skin conditions, mentruation difficulties and many others. Conditions not caused by emotions are all treated by him.


herbal medicine

Herbal medicine works with the body to help bring it back into balance. Chinese medicine practitioners have observed humans in nature for thousands of years. Out of this has grown a practice that seeks to treat sickness by helping the body bring itself back into balance.


It is based on the way the body interacts with life around it. 


Alasdair can offer another perspective on your health picture. You may know the experience of feeling something is not right with your health but all the tests are saying everything is 'normal'. Chinese medicine diagnosis can detect health imbalances producing real symptoms in your body that are, as yet, no detectable with western tests. 


the consult

I will begin by asking you lots of questions about whatever you feel is not quiet right with your health, then ask you about your family health history,  


Taking your pulse is quiet  different from a standard Western pulse taking. There are 22 pulse positions on the wrist in the school of medicine I practice in. Each position tells something about the internal movement of energy in the body, helping to fill out your individual picture.


Using this information Alasdair creates a herbal formula, that contains between 4 and 16 different herbs that is precisely tailored to your health picture.


Usually Alasdair will see a new patient again with in 7 days to check how the herbs are working and repeat the same process as described above, dispensing 14 herbs to last 14 days.


Generally Alasdair will check your  progress in a phone consult for which there is no charge dispensing another 14 days herbs after this.


Frequency of visits and length of treatment will then depend on how chronic or acute your health picture is.


the cost

  • initial consult           45 min / $ 60.00                
  • standard consult   30 min / 50.00